About Us

Rainbow Laine was established to encourage everyone to be ourselves and to embrace who we are and what we like. In a world of copies, we often try too hard to fit in and hide what’s inside – afraid to be different. Over here, we urge you to tap into your creativity and be fun, be unique, be special. Be you.

Customisation is so personal. It could be for commemoration, a representation, being proud of something so much you would want to wear and carry it everywhere. It is not a competition on how cool or how different it can be, but it is about what truly brings you joy, and makes you so proud that you want to constantly show it to the world. The sentiment value behind it is often priceless. It has been created by you to be truly yours.

It is only fitting to bring the art of your creation alive with another form of art: Embroidery.

The goal of Rainbow Laine is to help you bring your vision to life. But first and foremost, we aim to inspire everyone to love ourselves just the way we are and accept others for them.

All of our products are reusable. While we try to save ourselves in this world of chaos, let’s all work together to save the environment as well.

Thank you for taking a trip down Rainbow Laine with us!