How to Order

1. Select Your Product

Each variation of products available has been uploaded individually.

2. Select embroidery area that you want to use.

Small embroidery – 5x5cm

Medium embroidery – 9x9cm

Large embroidery – 15x15cm

3. Select the number of colours that your design will use.

For default designs, the number of colours that will be used is stated. Just select accordingly and input the name of the design at check out.

For custom designs, please select the number of colours you want to use or will be using.

Example:  You email me a picture of your dog and you only want me to trace its outline in black. State this at check out. Select the option: “1-3 colours”.

OR You want a bouquet of roses but all of different colours. State the colours you want at check out. Select how many colours you want. 

4. Enter your specific dimensions for your embroidery if you have any in mind.

5. Drag and drop/Upload a file in .png or .jpg of the image you'd like embroidered

6. Further instructions

You can add additional instructions at 'Cart', at the bottom left, where it says 'Add a note to your order'. Or you can contact me via email at or on Instagram @therainbowlaine .

7. Discrepancies

Any order with selection of sizing and number colours that does not match the default or custom design will be rejected. You will then be contacted and invoiced for the difference, or the order will be cancelled, and you will be refunded.